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April 2021–Present #

Changed from Hugo to 11ty, which took many excruciating but ultimately satisfying sessions of learning.

The site’s resurrection and design is thanks to the herculean, kind efforts and devastatingly motivating words from my dearest friend, Koralatov.

June 2020–September 2020 #

Changed technology from Squarespace to Hugo, which took an excruciating few days/weeks of learning. The site’s theme was based on Diary by Rise, which is ported from Makito’s theme Journal.

2019–June 2020 #

In the quest for portability—and as a byproduct, lower latency in gaming—I switched to a Logitech G703 mouse, which has a wonderful surface tuning tool that makes it glide across the same Vika Amon desk I’ve had since 2013.

Horrendous noise led me to upgrade to a BeQuiet! System Power 9 semi-modular 600W PSU, shortly followed by a switch from a GeForce GTX 670 (2Gb) to a GeForce GTX 980 ti (6Gb), which you can read more about. Thanks to Koralatov, I have additional monitors in portrait alongside my Cinema Display, and a wonderful Lenovo X250 for when I’m on the go, which I’ve upgraded with 8Gb RAM, a 1080p 12.5″ display, SSD, and a second, internal battery.

2013–2019 #

I built a Hackintosh PC tower in the summer of 2013, however the Apple partition has barely been used (my 2008 MacBook is still in use with a 4Gb RAM upgrade and a 250Gb SSD). I have mainly used the PC to play games via Windows 8/8.1/10, Steam, and emulation. I now use a ridiculous looking Mad Catz R.A.T.3 mouse, and a luxurious Matias QuietPro [mechanical] Keyboard for PC (UK Layout) in black.

2011–2014 #

This site is made with Squarespace 6. At home, I use a Late 2008 13-inch MacBook hooked up to a 27-inch Cinema Display. I use a Mighty Mouse on a plain white Ikea Vika Amon corner desk with a Apple Wireless Keyboard (2003). (I prefer typing on my IBM Model M but it has proven to noisy for the living room.) I don’t have a preferred writing application. Having tried many of those listed on Brett Terpstra’s excellent comparison of iOS text editors, I have stuck with Byword as both desktop and iOS versions work well and are unpretentious.

Other applications I consider very useful in my daily life are 1Password, TextExpander, Moom, and Audio Hijack Pro (for capturing Skype and microphone input while recording The Iron Triangle Podcast).

This page was last updated on 2021-04-09.