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Privacy Policy

The website iainplays.com does not intentionally collect or store any data about its visitors. The majority of assets used on this site – text, images, fonts, and most other files – are hosted by and served by iainplays.com.

This site takes part in the Amazon’s UK Affiliates program. This means that I may make a small commission if you buy any of the Amazon items I link to on this site. There is no cost to you for using the links I provide, and any money I make is used to pay the costs of running this site.

All affiliate links are clearly marked by the presence of the coin icon.

Following these links will take you away from iainplays.com. Amazon may use cookies or other means of verifying your purchase. This is covered by Amazon’s privacy policy.

Videos #

Embedded videos are hosted on and served by either Vimeo or YouTube. Vimeo’s privacy policy can be found here and YouTube’s can be found here. Both of these privacy policies cover in detail what data they may collect about you and how this data will be used.

This page was last updated on 2021-04-25.