Iain Plays Posts Home

Strewn among the hasty image below (a late response to a friend’s request) is the bulk of my current “every day carry”, or EDC; an idiotic term that requires further explanation to define meaning. It’s the stuff I normally take with me when I leave home.

The next photograph was taken using my trusty old Canon Powershot G10 (circa 2005) at night on full-auto, under a cheap LED bulb with on-camera flash for an authentic candid feel.

I also meant to include my 2020 iPhone SE in the picture—it has a slightly scratched face, proudly purchased for a bargain £270 back in early 2021, eBay be praised—however, I forgot until I’d finished drafting this post.

Fuck it…I’m sure you won’t find it hard to imagine what a boring, thinnish black slab with rounded corners and a cheap yellowing jelly case looks like. A fallen monolith, indeed.

Pictured then, from right to left:

My 2022 EDC

I’ll update this post below with some nicer daylight photography. Keep your eyes peeled!