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  1. Zero Tolerance (Mega Drive, 1994)
  2. Bouncy Castle Ocean

    Do you dare to challenge this: short (5-10 minutes playtime); child-friendly (content and sentence length with some advanced words); text adventure. At your peril… Continue Reading →

  3. 2022 Every Day Carry (EDC)

    [M]y current “every day carry”, or EDC; an idiotic term that requires further explanation to define meaning. It’s the stuff I normally take with me when I leave home. Continue Reading →

  4. Skmei Face Swap

    The Chinese company Skmei make fantastic and inexpensive watches. Some are in the style of a well-known Japanese digital watch-maker, some are bizarrely unique designs. Continue Reading →

  5. Best of Final Fantasy Game Dialogue
  6. Review: Dream Simulator (Playstation One)
  7. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, I Presume?
  8. Why, Sony, Why?

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