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A peculiar, entrancing and pure experience, unencumbered by backstory or objectives, Dream Simulator allows you to explore within the expansive terrain of vivid dreams.

Accommpanied by a frenetic electronic soundtrack that is as haunting as the fast-paced footsteps that are disjointedly attached to your character, the game is often eery and unnerving.

These lions are very slowly and menacingly coming straight for

Each night, you are dropped into the dreamworld within a house. Touching any surface or entity will warp you randomly to another dream area. There are recurrent themes, but as you move around, the world changes erratically, with textures and colours shifting in a way that almost escapes your notice, along with the terrain scaling further and nearer, warping your perspective.

I have only described some of the games interesting features. The game evokes thoughts and feelings that are inexplicable. I would highly recommend putting on some headphones and playing late at night in a dimly-lit room for at least an hour to explore the experience.

It was through the One More Go podcast that I discovered this twisted gem of a game. If you are at all interested in gaming, I would definitely check out their podcast, where they discuss “games that we used to love, games that we still love and games that we hope you’ll love too!”

Sadly, since this post was written, the One More Go podcast has ended. It’s still very much worth a listen for its timeless content. All eighteen episodes are available on Apple Podcasts and likely other podcasting platforms too.