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Zero Tolerance
(Mega Drive, 1994) #

◑ Chilling strings
◓ Not chilled
◑ Highly-strung
◓ Ready to snap

A nauseous thrum circles the melody, predating it.
Stalking these, the bowels of hell stir and bristle.
Alarm bells ring; too late.

Dum-dee-dee-dee-dee-dum-dum #

☀ Regurgitating a horrific atmosphere, the dark, slick, demo-scene quality lights and parallax scrolling shafts of light blind are paralyze onlookers.
☯ It is the perfect introduction. And it is for a little-known DOOM clone that somehow was given life in 1994 on the Sega Mega Drive. Spiting all constraints, especially the twee little Yamaha sound chip that rarely sang a good tune (ECCO: The Dolphin, Streets of Rage, and this are the only stand-outs for me).

Given Flesh #

☢ So Feast and gorge; Rip and tear;
your eyes and ears must beware. ☢